How to Wash Sportswear?

How to Wash Sportswear?


To help you take better care of your beloved gym clothes, we've given you a step-by-step guide on the best way to wash them. Read on to learn more.

How to Wash Sportswear?
We're sure you want to keep your activewear fresher for longer. You can do this by taking better care of it and washing it the right way.

To help you take better care of your beloved gym clothes, we've given you a step-by-step guide on the best way to wash them.

1. Let Your Activewear Sweat Dry Before Washing

When you take off your workout clothes, hang them somewhere to dry. This will make cleaning easier since your laundry hamper and gym bag are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and you don't want bacteria forming on your gym clothes.

2. After Drying, Turn the Sportswear over and Put It in the Washing Machine

Sweat and dirt are mainly found on the inside of sportswear. By turning items over, you can wash away sweat and odor-causing bacteria more effectively.

3. Wash Your Workout Clothes with Something Like

Putting clothes made of different materials into the washing machine with your workout clothes can damage your workout clothes. Washing activewear with "heavy" materials may cause friction against lighter activewear during the spin process.

4. Wash Your Workout Clothes in Cold Water

The fabrics in activewear don't respond well to heat, as this causes the fabric's elasticity to break down, and can cause colors to fade. The ideal temperature for washing sportswear is 30 ℃.

5. Do Not Use Any Fabric Softener or Bleach

Chemical agents in fabric softeners and bleach can destroy the sweat-wicking properties of activewear and can affect the color of fabrics.

6. Let Your Workout Clothes Air Dry Without Using the Dryer

As already mentioned, heat and sportswear fabrics are not a great combination. Air dry your items on a rack. This will keep them fresher for longer while also avoiding shrinkage.

7. Pay Attention to Care Labels

In addition to these tips, be sure to refer to the care label and follow the directions above.

We hope our activewear washing guide helps you keep your activewear looking new for longer. If you want to buy new sportswear, welcome to contact us.

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